New Life New Beginnings by Carla Sullivan



I see things differently than most and refer to myself as a Pajama Artist…. I love waking up to a brand new day of possibilities. With comfy clothes, coffee in hand, I head to my backyard studio, to create, revive and bring to life a new piece of art.

My love in finding inspiration in old, run down, rusty vintage items has always been a passion of mine. Customizing signs and sculptures for clients from family heirlooms, like Grandma’s meat grinder, which is now a rotating “Mantel Moose” or Grandpa’s old tools that are now welded together to spell the family name.

My reward is knowing when a piece is done.  I stand back, lay down my helmet, torch and tools, and for now, the world is as it should be.  Something old and forgotten, meant for the junk pile, now has new life.

Interested in learning more? Watch my interview with Ginny Barrett from Access Nashua, click here to watch


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